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Text Me Later Modules

Personal Reminders

Text Me Later personal reminders allows the user to schedule text messages for anyone including themselves.

Doctors Office Appointment Reminders

The Doctor's Module is a SMS communications tool designed for appointment reminders.

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Two-way Communications
  • Communications Timeline
  • SMS & Email Messaging
  • Secure & Encrypted
  • Appointments Queue
  • Reporting
  • Automated Daily Appointments Report
  • #Hashcodes
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Secure & Encrypted SMS & VoIP Communication Tools and Services!

North America - Canada | United States

Explore #hashcodes with Text Me Later!

#hashcodes are keywords tied to values or data objects that you can expose and manage which can be retrieved by requests made via SMS.

Send #gethashcodes to a Text Me Later phone number.

  • Send SMS with the command #gethashcodes to retrieve hashcodes exposed by a user. Respond back with a #hashcode to retrieve the value.

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Doctor's Module

Text Me Later provides healthcare staff with a user friendly two-way text messaging solution, email and phone notification messages, appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, or rescheduling. Once you’ve setup the Doctor’s Module, and entered your patients’ contact information, you may begin scheduling appointment reminders and let us do the rest! will help reduce no-shows and cancellations almost immediately!

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Communication Tools

A variety of custom tools designed for industry specific needs. We offer tools to assist with information distribution, 2-way communications with clientele, text reminders, schedule text messages, text or voice notifications all in an easy to navigate timeline. Full control of your communication with your clients, patients, friends, connections and or devices.

Secure & Encrypted

Text Me Later messages are secure, encrypted, safe, real-time and auditable. We comply with highly regulated industry requirements, such as the healthcare and financial sectors, which often require a data-at-rest encryption solution. Text Me Later meets all internal and external compliance requirements and as a security best practice all your data is encrypted.

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